Art Opportunities for Parents

By: Liz Smith, Editor-in-Chief

As a parent, everything your child creates is a masterpiece to you. Finger paintings, macaroni mosaics, and crayon creations are all proudly displayed on the refrigerator for months. Itís important to encourage your childrenís hobbies and interests and to find fun and exciting ways to get them involved in the world of art, but what about you? Do you have a love for art that you never had the opportunity to develop? Have you passed your passion for art down to your child and are you trying to give him or her the chance that you never had to nurture that talent? Itís not too late for you to focus on art more intently, either as a hobby and/or a new career.

Not all of the great artists, past and present, have received a formal education in the arts. However, not everyone self-taught will be great. The basic rule, that more education equals a better opportunity, applies to art just as it does to most aspects of life. Education not only allows you to increase your knowledge of a subject that interests you, but youíll learn and practice the basic tools that will make you successful as well...