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Rainbow Art Studio is dedicated to the advancement of art education, art appreciation, art enjoyment and art creation for children.

We are all born with potentials in many areas. If we fail to provide an opportunity to discover those potentials, our creativity can be hindered. By helping to identify and develop child's creativity, Rainbow Studio can provide help to create endless opportunities for your child's imagination. A healthy imagination not only creates a resourceful and productive individual, but it also helps building self-esteem for an individual. When children create a piece of artwork, they are not just drawing a picture but are creating aspects of self-importance, individuality and engaging in self-expression and self-esteem.

Meanwhile, we teach "method" which is transforms someone without natural talent into someone who has the talent to create beautiful works of art. A student needs only to follow it, and he or she will acquire the talents that lie behind the magical curtain of fine art.

Rainbow Art Studio is primarily focusing on children's interest, art skill and technique training at different levels, meanwhile develop your natural talent all along!



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