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Rainbow Art Studio is dedicated to the advancement of art education, art appreciation, art enjoyment and art creation for children.

Anyone is capable of drawing. But nurturing the children's innocence of self-expression, self-esteem plays an important role in their life. By applying pencil line or paints on paper, A child can extend their imagination without boundary -- some drawings could be funny, other could be cute or messy, or even are incomprehensible... but they all create surprising artistic results. You will find every drawing means something as your child observes the world through his/her own innocent eyes.

Drawing and painting are visual learning process. I believe that drawing a realistic object is a natural ability that everybody possesses. Drawing skill can be learned and artistic talent can be developed. Once taught the general principle needed to master this skill, one can then blend in his/her own creative way to interpret what has been perceived.

Having been working with the many children, artists and educators, I have seen how much growth an individual can possibly achieve when our learning continues. We are all capable of so much more than we are aware of.

We will maximum our visual realistic training, techniques, imagination and create out a wonderful rainbow land art with our educated eyes.

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